Learning outcomes

We brainstormed what we have learned while doing this project.

Research skills:

  • Taking notes on important points
  • How to put key words into paragraphs
  • Scanning for information
  • Put notes into our own words
  • Using more than one website
  • Acknowledging websites
  • Deciphering old-fashioned cursive writing

Worked independently and co-operatively:

Explore Brooklyn’s history

Social studies

Students will gain knowledge, skills, and experience to:
Level 3: Understand how people remember and record the past in different ways.
Level 4: Understand how people pass on and sustain culture and heritage for different reasons and that this has consequences for people.


Level 4:
Processes & Strategies: students will integrate sources of information, processes & strategies confidently to identify, form and express ideas
Ideas: Show an increasing understanding of ideas within, across and beyond texts. Select, develop & communicate ideas on a range of ideas
Language Features: Use a range of language features appropriately showing an increasing understanding of the effects
Structure: Organise texts using a range of appropriate structures.

Key competencies

using language, symbols, and texts
managing self
relating to others
participating and contributing