Reflection - what it means to us

As I stood at the top of Sugarloaf Hill I looked out and understood why they chose that particular spot to build the War Memorial. I looked out over part of Wellington and I could see the harbour, my school and loads of houses. When I look down at my school I see how it’s changed and imagine how it would be for all those children over 100 years ago. They’d be running around in the playground at morning tea and lunch; then when they grew up they had to fight in the war. It must have been horrible fighting in the war but at the same time they must have felt proud fighting for their country. Millions died.

I feel that it was right to build the war memorial to commemorate and remember the soldiers that fought and died for their country.


Now that I realise how many people died in WW1, the Brooklyn War Memorial seems much more to me then a statue with names I never knew about. It is cool because whenever I go up there I will remember some of the soldiers we researched.


I felt that working on this project made me think that every time I go to the memorial I will remember these men and the deeper meaning behind it. I really enjoyed doing this project. It helped me with research skills- key words and paragraphs and presentation. The big challenge for me was reading the old-fashioned writing on the war records.


Being part of this group and doing this project has made me realise how real and horrible war was. I now realise that the memorial isn’t just a statue. It is special and has meaning. War changed the world. War was horrible but those men sacrificed their lives to make our country a better place.


The Brooklyn War Memorial to me was once just a statue with names of men who went to war until I realised that the lives beyond the names were no secrets so I took the opportunity of joining the Living Heritage group to make sure we remember these men and their lives and how they fought for their country.


Doing this project has taught me lots I didn’t know before. The memorial isn’t just a statue. I now know many things about the soldiers who gave their lives in WW1.


I am proud of doing this project and putting the war memorial out there. It means a lot to the Brooklyn locals. Its meaning is to thank the men who fought for New Zealand.


I feel excited when I look into other people’s past wondering what I will find. Sometimes I feel scared at what I will find. But after this work I feel pleased and happy that I have done my best at this and seen the finished product.


The Brooklyn War Memorial was a hike to get up to but when we finally reached the top I looked out over Wellington city and my school. I realised that there was more to the memorial than just being a lump of marble with some names on that I had seen for so long. It’s a monument honouring the men who died in WW1.


I felt special when we were standing at the war memorial; here we were at the top of the world it seemed. The Italian marble’s pastel colours were mesmerising and the names engraved on it were interesting. Now that I’m older I understand more of what it was like for the families and the men. Then I decided that their names will live on, they will be remembered. Lest we forget.


I’m happy I was able to be part of this group because it has been a great experience and has helped me to improve my research skills. It has made me think a lot about the soldiers’ lives.


I think of the memorial more than I did before knowing a bit about the men. I was happy I got the opportunity to be part of the the group. When I went up there before, they were just names but now I know their stories.