Our team

Once upon a time there was a group of year seven girls at Brooklyn School who took it upon themselves to find out about the soldiers who fought and/or died in WW1, and then create a website so nobody forgets their brave souls. Most would have had a connection to our school. We got the names off our Brooklyn War Memorial and got to work.

As time wore on the 12 girls realised that they now cared about the men and felt sorrow for their deaths or wounds. We grew close to the soldiers we studied as we knew all about them from our work. The men who gave their lives for liberty should and will be remembered - by us, by our families and hopefully you too.

Rory, Iris, Izzy, Ella, Lucy, Megan, Samantha, Shyla, Emma, Eloise, Eva and Rachael spent term1 2015 finding, searching, remembering. It was interesting and we enjoyed it. We all hope you find it as interesting and as mesmerising as we did and do.