Research process

We have been researching the stories of men remembered on the Brooklyn War Memorial. We walked up to explore the War Memorial - to take photos and choose people to research and find out their stories. Many of those named would have gone to Brooklyn School. When we had pulled some pieces of information together we put it into our own words and put into Google Docs. We used websites like Digital NZ and Online Cenotaph. To make sure we didn’t have so- called “fake” information we checked quite a few different websites. This whole process allowed us to gather lots of information about loads of different soldiers in World War 1.

The reason why we’re researching these men is because we want to find a link between them and Brooklyn School and some of the WW1 details about their life. We found out loads of interesting things about the men, such as; where they lived, who they were related to, what their job was, what their last rank was, when they died and where they died.

I was part of the research group and we have been researching men from the Brooklyn war memorial. We have found out a lot about all the brave soldiers who fought in World War 1. It has been very interesting and I’m glad I joined the group. We are putting our stories on a website called Living Heritage. I hope you enjoy my presentation.