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This is a collection of Living Heritage stories created by New Zealand students before September 2008. Use the filters below to search for a story by school name or level.

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  • Proudly Maheno

    Maheno School - Primary – Published 24/02/2008

    The senior students at Mapua School identified four important environmental issues in their community. Through the inquiry learning process and the Living Heritage project they discovered many interesting facts about their local area and researched how to reduce their carbon footprint.

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  • Room 4 at the Devil's Bridge Wetlands

    Ardgowen School - Primary – Published 03/02/2008

    Students from new entrant to year 2 classes at Ardgowan School learnt about the Devil’s Bridge wetlands as part of a school-wide inquiry learning focus on sustainability. The website shows how they helped look after their local environment.

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  • Discover Tasman

    St Peter Chanel - Primary – Published 29/01/2008

    This whole school project from St Peter Chanel School (Motueka) was centred around the Labour Weekend Jubilee celebrations. The students wanted to understand the history of their school and to contribute some artwork that could be permanently displayed in the buildings as a way of commemorating the occasion.

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  • Our place

    Blockhouse Bay Primary - Primary – Published 03/12/2007

    With the construction of a new Performing Arts Centre, the year 6 gifted and talented afternoon topic group decided it was a good time to take a closer look at their school environment. This website shows their findings.

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  • Johnsonville Railway

    Raroa Normal - Intermediate – Published 29/11/2007

    Raroa Normal Intermediate students take a look at Wellington's Johnsonville railway line. They invite viewers to find out about the past, present, and future of this railway. Includes notes on their research process.

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  • Shakespear Park - Our Special Place

    Gulf Harbour School - Primary – Published 29/11/2007

    Students from Gulf Harbour School have created a website about their special place Shakespear Park. They provide information on the history, birds, farm animals, walking tracks, and special areas.

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  • The Corner, Hall, Church and the School

    Five Forks School - Primary – Published 20/11/2007

    The senior students from Five Forks School near Oamaru, have created a website containing information about their local area. This includes the church, the hall and the school.

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  • Our Place - Motueka South

    Motueka South School - Primary – Published 11/11/2007

    The Junior Syndicate at Motueka South School explored four different features of their town. They interviewed locals, invited people to speak, wrote to the local newspaper, and asked questions of their families. This website shows their findings.

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  • Our Town Motueka

    Motueka South School - Primary – Published 05/11/2007

    Motueka South's school wide theme was Our Town Motueka so the three classes in the middle syndicate decided to focus on the commercial ventures at the south end of Motueka. Find out about the timber mill, T.O.A.D. Hall and Talley's fisheries.

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  • 50 years of learning

    Motueka South School - Primary – Published 05/11/2007

    Explore Motueka South School's inquiry project "Our Place - Motueka South". Under this topic the senior syndicate, chose to study 50 Years of Learning because in 2008 the school is celebrating its 50th jubilee.

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