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This is a collection of Living Heritage stories created by New Zealand students before September 2008. Use the filters below to search for a story by school name or level.

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  • The Mustchins

    Waipawa School - Primary – Published 31/12/2005

    Waipawa School in the Hawkes Bay has created a website about the Mustchin family and the history of Waipawa as part of the Living Heritage initiative.

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  • Leisure in the Alexandra Basin

    Clyde School - Primary – Published 31/10/2005

    As part of an ICT contract a group of three schools in the Alexandra Basin undertook an 'Inquiry' based around a theme 'We're bored. There's nothing to do'. As a result students have researched and presented their findings on a number of leisure activities available in the area. Pitched at students we hope this data base of available activities will be readily accessed by those looking for something to do.

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  • Bexley Wetland

    St James School - Primary – Published 31/05/2005

    The students at St James School in Christchurch has created a website about the uniqueness of the Bexley Wetlands, as part of the Living Heritage initiative.

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  • Gilshennan Reserve Pollution Investigation

    Redbeach School - Primary – Published 11/12/2004

    Red Beach School (Auckland region) created a website about Gilshennan Reserve, because their topic in class was 'Caring for Our Environment'. They wanted to discover if there was pollution at Gilshennan Reserve and if so, to what level. Gilshennan Reserve is special to them because it is close to their school and to where many students live.

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  • Aramaho Shrubbery

    Aramoho School - Primary – Published 30/11/2004

    Kotahi Rau Tau is the name Aramoho school in Wanganui gave their shrubbery back in 1973. The shrubbery is a piece of land which is covered in native trees. Rooms 2 and 6 studied the plants, trees and weeds and created this website to show what they have found out about the history of Kotahi Rau Tau.

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  • Lake Waihora

    Ladbrooks School - Primary – Published 29/10/2004

    Ladbrooks Primary School students created a website about their community's lake. They learned all about its history and importance to Māori, birds and fish, and its contributing creek. During the process they learned about following an inquiry and high level thinking. Includes arts works by students.

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  • Many A Tune Ago

    Aramoho School - Primary – Published 29/07/2004

    This project was undertaken by two students from Aramoho School in Wanganui. They looked at the history of the Aramoho school mouth organ band from 1926 to 1932. They covered the band's origins, the tunes they played, newspaper reports from the time, and interviewed a former band member.

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  • Historical Snapshots of Christchurch

    Selwyn House School - Primary – Published 30/11/2003

    The Year 3 and 4 team at Selwyn House School in Christchurch researched and explored significant landmarks in their local community, including The Cathedral, The Chalice, Bridge of Remembrance, Arts Centre, Museum, The Gardens and Victoria Park.

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  • World War Two at Our School

    Campbells Bay School - Primary – Published 19/11/2003

    Campbells Bay Primary school students recorded the local community's memories of World War II. From the rolls of barbed wire on Campbells Bay beach to the black out curtains on the classroom windows and the bomb shelter in the school grounds - this is their story.

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  • My Cultural Heritage

    Marcellin College - Secondary – Published 30/10/2003

    At Marcellin College, the students have come from many different countries. When their families moved to New Zealand, they brought with them items from their culture. These objects provide a link with a living culture in another part of the world. The students treasure the items they have written about and photographed. By putting them on this website, they are able to share their knowledge about, and pride in, their cultural heritage with others.

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