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This is a collection of Living Heritage stories created by New Zealand students before September 2008. Use the filters below to search for a story by school name or level.

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  • Performing Arts in Oamaru

    Oamaru Intermediate - Intermediate – Published 29/09/2003

    Room 9 at Oamaru Intermediate decided to learn about the important role that the performing arts have played, and continue to play in their community. So the students honed their interviewing and reporting skills to collect information about ten of the performing arts active in Oamaru, and presented it in this lively website.

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  • Opiki Toll Bridge

    St Peters College - Secondary – Published 02/09/2003

    A St Peter's College student in Palmerston North has created a website that contains a brief history of the Opiki suspension bridge, from the draining of the Makurerua Swamp, through the swamp's flax industry, the construction of the bridge, its conversion to a toll bridge, to the closing of the old toll bridge, and the opening of the new bridge at Opiki.

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  • History of Churchill Park, Glendowie, and St Heliers

    Churchill Park School - Primary – Published 02/09/2003

    Churchill Park students realised that their school was unique - despite being in the middle of Auckland City, they look out over green paddocks at the grazing cows and waving pine trees! This website was created so the students could share their discoveries about their school and community. It highlights intriguing local history stories, and memories from local older people.

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  • Campbells Bay Community Forest

    Campbells Bay School - Primary – Published 29/06/2003

    Campbells Bay School students created a website about their school's community forest. They learned all about its history and captured its story for future generations to read. Includes a section on creating a worm farm. While completing their project, they also learned many literacy and ICT skills such as how to research, interview, and record information in a form suitable for other students to learn from, and how to develop a web page and use the digital camera, scanner, and computer.

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  • Landmarks

    Roxburgh Area School - Intermediate – Published 30/03/2003

    Roxburgh is a small rural town in the Teviot Valley in Central Otago. This website was created by students at Roxburgh Area School. It is the first part of a wider study on landmarks undertaken by the year 7 and 8 students. This project also contributes to a school-wide project, "A SnapShot in Time", that is being undertaken by all classes at Roxburgh Area School as part of their ICT development.

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  • History of Erinwood Farm

    St Peters College - Secondary – Published 25/03/2003

    This website is about the Hehir family who have worked Erinwood farm for almost 125 years. It provides a glimpse into the life and times of the people of the Manawatu region over the last century.

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  • Tiritiri Matangi Island

    Redbeach School - Primary – Published 16/12/2002

    Red Beach School in Auckland has created a website about Tiritiri Matangi Island, a special bird sanctuary, with 60 out of New Zealand's 200 takahe now living and breeding safely in a predator-free environment.

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  • Chinese People in Otago

    Wakari School - Primary – Published 30/11/2002

    Wakari School in Dunedin has created a website about Chinese people in Otago. Topics covered include why Chinese people came to Otago, the problems they have had, and the contribution they have made to New Zealand society.

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  • Chugging the Tracks

    Weston School - Primary – Published 29/11/2002

    This website from Weston School in North Otago explores the history of the railway line from Oamaru Harbour to its end point in inland North Otago. The site focusses on why the track was needed, what led to its demise, and remaining features. While students were creating this site they gained literacy and ICT skills, including question writing, planning, learning all about FrontPage and how to create tables and hyperlinks, scan pictures, take photos and make their page look 'just right'.

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  • Oamaru Public Gardens

    St Josephs School - Primary – Published 29/11/2002

    The Year 4 and 5 children from St Josephs School wanted to learn more about the Oamaru Public Gardens. The children devised questions and decided on their focus for inquiry: What activities were needed in the past to make the Gardens the place it is today? The end result is this website so that everyone can enjoy the story of the gardens.

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