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This is a collection of Living Heritage stories created by New Zealand students before September 2008. Use the filters below to search for a story by school name or level.

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  • Celebrates Palmerston

    Palmerston School - Primary – Published 01/11/2007

    Students from Palmerston Primary School explore the Palmerston town. As well as their research on the town's landmarks, the students look at Puketapu and the legend of Arateirua.

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  • Coasting the Coast

    Kakanui School - Primary – Published 26/09/2007

    Cruise this website ‘Coasting the Coast’ and enjoy viewing the highlights of North Otago's Coastal Road. This site is a collaborative effort from students at Kakanui School in coastal North Otago.

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  • The Mahana Whakapapa

    Mahana School - Primary – Published 03/09/2007

    The Mahana School project explores the story of their community and the wider society through an historical timeline. Mahana is a small community which is changing fast and they wanted to promote a sense of belonging and pride in their past and present, and optimism for the future.

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  • Operation Phoenix North Shore

    Milford Primary School - Primary – Published 03/09/2007

    Milford Primary School made a website about the Boxing Day Tsunami in Sri Lanka, and what their North Shore community did to help the people of Thalpitiya rebuild their village. The students also share how to keep safe if a tsunami hits the coast near Lake Pupuke in North Shore City.

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  • Recycling at Campbells Bay Primary School

    Campbells Bay School - Primary – Published 29/08/2007

    Campbell's Bay Primary School in Auckland has created a website about recycling at their school as part of the Living Heritage initiative. Campbell's Bay students studied recycling to try and find ways to help people recycle more, to discover why it is good to recycle, and to implement new ideas for recycling at their school.

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  • Irrigation in the Duntroon Area

    Duntroon School - Primary – Published 27/08/2007

    Duntroon School created this website to display their investigation into irrigation because they discovered water is very precious to farming around Duntroon. Check out their website to learn about the irrigation systems and schemes in their local area.

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  • The Herbert-Otepopo Cemetery

    Otepopo School - Primary – Published 30/07/2007

    Students at Otepopo School visited the Herbert-Otepopo cemetery and investigated the many different things that interested them.

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  • Totara: 50 Years Ago

    Totara School - Primary – Published 30/07/2007

    The year 4 and 5 students from Totara School, south of Oamaru learnt about their local area 50 years ago. The website shows their research into Totara School, Totara Estate and the Totara District.

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  • Kurow 2007 - What's the future?

    Waitaki Valley School - Primary – Published 10/07/2007

    Each class at Waitaki Valley School has researched and presented a different topic, including, the services available, why people visit Waitaki, why people live there and, the jobs locals do.

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  • Lasting Legacy - Maori Flutes

    Our Lady of Lourdes School - Primary – Published 10/06/2007

    Year one and two students from Our Lady of Lourdes School, Palmerston North, explored the idea of Māori flutes as a lasting legacy. They have included links to video and sound clips showing them at work and to hear examples of traditional Māori flutes.

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