Cornwall Park District School

Cornwall Park District School first opened on February 9th 1921. Over the years CPDS has changed; in the buildings and the number of students, but it has kept many traditions and the overall school culture of excellence.

History of the school

When it first opened in 1921, Cornwall Park School had a total of 198 students, eager to learn. Unfortunately, when R.I. (Remuera Intermediate) opened in 1954, CPDS lost forms 1 and 2, turning the school into a year 0 to 6 primary school. Although there have been many hiccups and obstacles in the school's history, we have protected and kept many of our traditions, like the schools logo, motto, and the Flag Day ceremony at the annual prize-giving. CPDS remains as special and unique as it was when it first opened its doors.

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The New Block

Last Year in the summer holidays the school built a new classroom block. There are new entrant classes in the lower floor and Yr 6 classes on the top. It has a lift for the disabled, an emergency stairwell, a personal office for teachers, smart boards and all the latest computers. The doors of this building were opened at the start of 2010 term 2.


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Flag Day

Flag day is a tradition at CPDS. It is a ceremony where many flags from around the world are marched around the school field at the prize-giving. Flag day started in 1930 when Mr Birss was the Principal just after World War One when people around the world worked very hard to bring peace between different countries. Each week children from the school would raise a flag. Cornwall Park School now has more than 120 flags.


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Over time our uniform has developed and changed. The school colours used to be brown and yellow but now they are blue and gold. The uniform was optional back when it opened but now it is compulsory and we can wear it with pride. Our uniform parts are skivvies, pants, culottes, shorts, dresses, t-shirts, jumpers and jackets. We love our uniform because it is comfortable and we can feel proud in it.

Logo and Motto

The logo and motto of Cornwall Park School are treated with respect. It features a shield which is from the armorial bearings of the County of Cornwall. In the middle are fifteen golden discs which represent the gold bezant contributed to the ransom of King Richard many centuries ago. Under the shield is a scroll with our respected motto "HONOUR NOT HONOURS" which reminds us of our first Principal Mr Birss who showed a huge amount of successive generosity. The shield and scroll are surrounded by our current school colours inscribed with the school name. The word "District" hails back to the early days when Cornwall Park was from years 0-8. The outer wreath represents the recognition of success as Cornwall Park will always stand with pride and success.

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