References and acknowledgements

Our class has used National Library books, some web sites about local sports clubs, the park and local schools and newspaper articles to find information to answer our questions.

National Library Books:

'The History of Epsom’ Edited by Graham Bush
This book was a wonderful resource for all the research groups, but others were also used.

‘The Time of our Lives’ By Richard Wolfe
‘Auckland-A Pictorial History’ By Richard Wolfe
‘Auckland Before the Harbour Bridge‘ By Graham Stewart
‘The Way We Were-Auckland-South and East’ Publisher Fernleaf .Text by Valerie Davies


The newspaper series ‘Auckland-Our Stories” put out in the New Zealand Herald during August 2010 was an excellent resource the class used.

Web sites:

Cornwall Park and Auckland Rugby clubs web sites were referred to for information.


Special thanks to Mrs Grimsey for her expert help in putting the web pages together. Thanks also to Joy Howden our fabulous librarian for her help finding information.

Text by Yerin