Local Streets

We have been learning about the old streets in Epsom.

Greenlane and Manukau Roads were used for sporting events from the 1850's onwards.



In the early 1800's there was no concrete to lie down on the roads, so they just dug up the rock from the quarry and used the dirt and rock for the roads. Market Road was also an early road and it got its name from the animal sales yards which were on the corner of Market Rd and Great South Rd.

Text by Cerys


In the 18th century there were no traffic lights or road signs like stop signs and give way signs. Since there weren't any, they had to have policemen to do the job directing traffic. They had to deal with crashes and traffic jams. There were also no speed limits.

Text by Juliette

Street names in Epsom

Campbell Road and Wheturangi Road are what I researched. Campbell Road was named after Sir John Logan Campbell for giving up land to the people of NZ. Wheturangi Road is the Maori name for 'star in the sky' and was built in 1905.

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Epsom streets

How they were in the olden days:
If you went back 150 years ago to a man named William Hobson, Hobson was the Governor and he agreed to build a town called Auckland. Before you had to walk or take a horse to work. Now days you can take the train and the nearest bus or drive your own car. Streets are better now because they have signs and a sense of direction. But it never used to be like this. There was never any signs or something that could show you where you were going.

Text by Dale