Volcanic Origins

Volcanos have evolved in the world a great deal over the years: erupting, becoming inactive, collecting names and changing shape. Our group are researching the Auckland volcanoes in Epsom. This spreads from One Tree Hill to Mt Albert.


Mt Eden


Mt Eden is an inactive volcano reaching a height of 196m above sea level. It first got its name in 1877 and housed a Maori Pa with part of the Tamaki tribe, who were defeated in 1700AD.

Mt Albert


Mt Albert is a relatively small volcano being only 135 m above sea level. It is inactive and erupted 50,000 to 60,000 years ago. It was also host to the Maori : Ta Onaiaki. Some bits of the Pa still remain.


One Tree Hill


One Tree Hill is the famous mountain planted by nature in the centre of Auckland and it is the highest volcano in our community. It used to only have one tree growing on it. Its Maori name is Maungakiekie, which means mountain of the kie kie. On the top you can see the obelisk and the grave of Sir John Logan Campbell, the man who donated Cornwall Park to the people of New Zealand.

Text by Archie, Michael and Liam