Daily Life

Life back in the 1800s was not what it seemed. It was different, very different. So here is a brief look at their daily life !


Now, in our days, people think that men work a lot, but then the woman worked 24 hours a day, many cleaning dishes, washing clothes and getting dinner ready for their family all by hand, with no machines.

Back in the 1800’s there were a lot of rules, some applied for children and some for adults.


Here are some important ones:

  • Bonnets and hats were always worn in public
  • Everyone stood to attention when singing the National Anthem.
  • Children should be seen and not heard at the dinner table
  • Children were punished by smacking, even at school!

As you can see there has been a lot of changes since now and then, some good and some bad.

Text by Eva, Emily and Hanna