Captain Cook

My story is about when Captain Cook came to Niue.
Long time ago, Captain Cook came to Niue and the Niueans hated people coming to their Island because they would bring diseases. The Niueans came up with an idea. They went to the banana tree and got the trunk filled with juice and then rubbed it on their mouths. This juice was red and it looked like blood in the people's mouths. It could look like they ate people. Captain Cook was so scared when he saw the Niueans he went back to London. He came back later and managed to come ashore. Then he went on other adventures.
Captain Cook was a famous explorer who went to many new places to find out new things.
By Chloe. I come from the villages of Avatele, Alofi, and Mutalau.

The Peru people

In 1863 the Peru people came from South America and took the young Niuean people to be sold as slaves. They grabbed young Niueans who were food gathering at sea and also those

who were out fishing.
If the Niuean people didn't work they would whip them with the whip. They treated the Niueans very poorly. The Niuean people were very sad about the young Niueans that were kidnapped.
By Delasau. I am 10 years old and I am from the villages of Hakupu and Tuapa.