Niue Primary School and Early Childhood Education

Niue Primary School is the only primary school on the island of Niue and is located at Halamahga Alofi Toga. There were eight primary schools established in the outer villages in the 1950-1970's. These primary schools were amalgamated into the one primary school in 1989 and it was named Niue Primary School. The decision to amalgamate the schools was due to the declining number of children and teachers left on the island.

Niue Primary School follows the New Zealand Curriculum and children are taught in Vagahau Niue and English. Children attend school from four years old starting at the Early Childhood Education

before progressing onto year one at the age of five. They stay at Niue Primary School until they have completed year 6. The use of both languages to deliver the curriculum has proved fruitful and successful.

The school is led by the principal along with 20 teachers and 2 support staff. There has been a new location set for Niue Primary School that is further away from the sea. The children and staff of Niue Primary School are very much looking forward to having a new school by the end of 2013.