Show Day and Takai

Show Day

Every village has a Show Day in Niue. It is a traditional occasion that Niue does. When you go to a Show Day there are stalls set up so you can buy fish, taro, a necklace or a basket.
At the Alofi Show Day last year, my Mum was doing face painting. You can buy traditional meals at the Show Day. Some Show Days have games. If some of our friends are on Niue for a Show Day we usually take them to the Show Day to watch the dances or get a coconut for them. We can meet other people at the Show Day.
By Aidan. My family and I have been living in Niue for more than two years.

Last year it was Tuapa's Show Day turn. On Saturday, we went to buy some food. Some people were selling their food, and old people were selling their bags, hats and mats there. Some people sell their flowers, too. People like eating and going in the races e.g. making a basket competition. People like to watch the dancing show on Show Days. Somehow the rain always falls on Show Day. At night time, the people of Tuapa

made their umus to cook all the food for the Show Day. They made all sorts of food. It is a lot of hard work.
By Emmatina. I am 9 years old and I am proudly from the village of Tuapa Uhomotu.

A Show Day is an important event. Every village has a chance to showcase their art, craft, and food. On the 9th June 2012, it was the Hakupu Show Day. There were lots of food to eat and juice to drink. A lot of traditional crafts were on display. Root crops and even the uga (coconut crabs) were weighed to find out the heaviest crop and biggest uga.
I went to Hakupu Show Day and I enjoyed myself with my family. I ate ice cream and food cooked in the umu. I saw different crafts on display at the big white stall. I saw lots of people dancing and people carving a canoe. I saw people lifting heavy wheels and stones, and pushing heavy trucks.
By Maryenna. I come from villages of Makefu and Hikutavake.


In the Takai people decorate their cars to go around the Island with their village. When we are all ready, we can go around the Island and throw lollies to the other villages. Sometimes we stay home to get lollies from the people.

This year or last year I went with my mum's family. We went in the truck, the adults sat at the back throwing lollies and we sat at the back with the adults squirting water guns. Somewhere around 12 o'clock we had lunch. After lunch we got back on track visiting other villages. Once there was a man who splashed beer on me. I was so surprised.
By Dennis. I am 9 years old. I have returned to Niue to learn about the ways of the People. I come from the villages of Hakupu and Mutalau.