My favourite foods

Fakaalofa lahi atu and hello. My name is Mihe and I am 9 years old and I am in year 5 this year, 2012. I come from two different places (Niue – where my father comes from) and Brazil – where my Mother comes from). I have two brothers and they are both in high school at this time. I am the only girl in my family and the last born as well.
I do not know really much about my mother’s culture because I was born and raised up in Niue so I consider myself as a real Niuean girl. Today I will be talking about one part of our culture which is “food”, (The Niuean main food). My reason for choosing food is simply because I like eating it myself. My favourites are taro and uga (coconut crab)

This picture shows alili (sea shell),
These Niuean tradition foods are the ones I like best and the only time I can eat them is when my family make an umu (cooking outside using rocks and leaves). I like eating uga when my mother makes it for me. She puts the flesh on my plate and I eat it with taro - that is when I say, yummy.
When I eat the alili (sea shell) I want it with coconut cream and sometimes I eat it with fresh takihi (taro, pawpaw and coconut cream). These foods are real Niuean fresh food that a Niuean girl like me should eat. In most cases you will find these foods on the table at Niuean homes and because I am a Niuean girl. My family also eat taro, uga, alili and takihi and drink coconut. Niue food is the best, yummy, and yummy.

This picture shows takihi (made out of taro, pawpaw and coconut cream).

You can buy uga at the market.