There are a lot of legends on Niue.

My favourite story is about Laufoli, a big warrior who protects the Island from bad people.

There was no challenge on Niue so he decided to go to Tonga. He went to see the Tongan King and the King said he had to prove he was a warrior and to complete the following three tasks. So he quickly agreed and did the three tasks. The first one was to jump over a deep chasm and he did. The second one was to cut a banana tree that had steel inside it and he did, and the last one was to climb up a mountain and destroy a monster that had been scaring the Tongans for years. So he climbed the mountain, killed the big beast and came back to Niue. When he came back he had no challenges so he built a big umu and jumped in it to kill himself.

That has been my favourite story for a long time.

By Jaqaiar. I am from Tuapa, Niue. I am 9.

Here are more legends from the villages of Niue.