Hunting kalahimu

Hunting kalahimu is one of my favourite things to do with my father. When we go hunting I prepare the things to take like buckets and torches. We usually go hunting beside the road around eight o'clock in the evening.
I remember my first time hunting kalahimu I was so scared and I did not want to touch it, but now I am not scared because my father has taught me how to hunt. During our hunting we have had lots of kalahima. I enjoy hunting because I've managed to catch 11 kalahimus. My dad has caught more than me. We take them home and show them to my mum. She is happy and cooks them for dinner. Yum! Yum!
By Kefutoa. I am from the villages of Tuapa, Hakupu, and Alofi.

Hunting uga

The people always go hunting in the dark. During November is the time the ugas always come. The uga takes its eggs to lay at the sea and it will throw the eggs to the sea. Then it will hatch them and it will swim up and go back up to the bush.
Every time we go uga hunting we usually get 6 to 10 ugas. My dad sells some to tourists and we eat some at home. In the photo I am gathering bananas with my family.
By Arfa. I am from Mutalau.

Me and my dad went hunting ugas and we got five ugas. We went hunting in the morning. The place that we go hunting is Fisiga. Then we go home to cook the ugas. My favourite part of the uga is the head. I always eat the head when it is cooked but sometimes I eat the meat. I also like to go hunting with my friends Arfa and Max. We go hunting at Uluvehi, which is close to Fisiga. One time we got seven ugas, we were very happy. Then we went home to show our families and cook the ugas.
When we go hunting we take a torch and a sack to put the ugas inside. I always look forward to go hunting ugas with my dad.
By Noah. I come from Mutalau.

Every night my brother goes hunting uga. He gets one to five ugas. He gets the biggest uga and puts it inside something. Sometimes my mum gives ugas to people and people buy some of the ugas, too.

On Show days my dad takes some ugas. He took the biggest ugas to see who had caught the biggest ones.
By Sybil. I am from Avatele and Tuapa.

At night time me and my uncle go and hunt for uga. I hold the sack and the torch. My uncle got a big uga and put it into the sack. We found some more uga and took them home to cook and eat

I always like to go with my uncle when he goes to get uga. Uga or coconut crab is only found in Niue. The best time to hunt for uga is when its moonlight or after a light shower in the night. When my uncle and I go hunting I usually hold the sack while my uncle holds the torch. If it is a lucky night we catch big ones but sometimes we get small ones or even none.
By Zion. I'm from the village of Alofi.

On Thursday nights visitors to Niue can learn all about uga at the Matavai Resort. The chef there cooks uga by boiling them in water and serves them in a sauce made with garlic, onion, salt and pepper, curry, and coconut cream.