Centre Pivot.

Here you can see a sprinkler that is attached to the Centre pivot.

A centre pivot is a type of irrigation that can cover a big area of land and you don't have to move it, they move themselves. If you stand up and put one arm by your side and the other arm straight and then pivot (turn) around - you are acting like a centre pivot. One end of the centre pivot has been concreted into the ground so it can not move but the other end can move. If the centre pivot has room it will turn all the way around to complete a full circle of irrigation (its just like a compass you use in maths - the needle is the piece that is concreted into the ground and the pencil is the moveable end of the centre pivot). Centre pivots are made out of many different materials such as high tensile steel which is strong to protect the pivot from wind, animals rubbing against it etc.

The application time is how long it takes to sprinkle any place in a field. Centre pivots have lots of wheels - the amount of wheels on a pivot depends on how much the farmer wants to irrigate. There are heaps of little sprinklers all along the pivot which allow the water to be spread evenly on the grass. There is a single shot of water coming out of the end of the pivot - this is a little gun that works to irrigate the land beyond the end of the pivot.


  • A good thing about the centre pivot is that they can cover a big area and you don't have to move them.
  • Centre pivots compared to other forms of irrigation allow the most grass to be grown.
  • You can even control your centre pivot by remote control.
  • A bad thing is that they can made a big mess of your fence.
  • They take up a lot of room.
  • You have to be very careful taking machinery such as a tractor under them as you can get tangled in the sprinklers etc easily.

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