A Lateral irrigator is a free standing device that irrigates paddocks evenly. It is built like a Centre Pivot but it works differently.

This is a Lateral irrigator.

  • A Lateral irrigates square paddocks perfectly unlike a Centre Pivot (it doesn't irrigate the corners).
  • If you stand up with your arms out straight and if you walk forward you are acting the way a Lateral does.
  • You need a four wheel drive ute or small tractor to move the hard hose to the hydrant, so that the irrigator can get its water supply.
  • The Lateral moves by itself and moves in a straight line forward.
  • Laterals don't require much maintaining. You just need to change the oil in the engine (that makes the power to drive the Lateral across your paddock), so that the motor works freely.
  • You also need to change the oil in the drive wheels once a year or else the wheels could seize up and not move.
  • Water can enter the Lateral irrigator through the end or the middle.
  • Laterals cost lots of money roughly $3,000 per hectare and that includes the main line from the hydrant, the Lateral machine and installing everything on the farm.

Lateral irrigators allow farmers to irrigate up to 98% of square or rectangular paddocks, because they travel in a straight line. Some models can also be towed or pivoted so they can water paddocks next door.

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