A K-Line is a long pipe with pods (that are like sprinklers) which are placed down the pipe. K-Lines are very good irrigators as they can irrigate flat and hilly farmland.

Quick Facts

This is a trailer used to move K Lines

This is a K Line pod

  • In 24 hours one pod can apply 50 mls of water.
  • There are 15 to 18 metres of pipe between each pod.
  • You can vary the number of pods on a K-line depending on the length of your irrigation runs.
  • K-Lines need to be moved every 24 hours.
  • K-Lines are very labour intensive as shifting each line individually can take a large amount of time - especially if you have a lot of lines to shift. For example - If you have one person shifting ninety lines it will take approximately six hours to shift them all.
  • K-Lines are never used for cropping as they can't be pulled through crops and they only water low vegetation, this makes them best for dairy and sheep farmers.
  • You shouldn't take K-lines up steep hills as it could lead to the rolling of your ATV/four wheel motorbike (they are rather heavy and could slip back down the hill pulling you with them).
  • You move K-lines with four wheel motorbikes or similar.
  • A few years ago you had to get off your bike to hook the K-line on to shift them. These days to make it easier to move K-lines they have made a little trailer that hooks on behind your four wheel motorbike. It works when you drive over the K-Line (which has a ball and string at the end of it). You pull a rope and it grabs the ball and then you can shift the K-line. When you want to drop the K-line off you pull another rope and the trailer releases the ball and the K-Line.

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