Suisted Cottage

By Eila & Seth

The hut was built in January 2006. It is made of clay and water with a bit of cement.

Photo supplied by M.Newbery

The real thing was made in 1848. They built the hut in remembrance of the early settlers who arrived in late 1852 and had to build huts to live in.

It was built by Mr Graeme Martin who was helped by his sons and stepsons and also by Mr Duncan McKenzie.


  • They got clay from the hill
  • They got water from the spring by the hill.
  • The horses trod the clay and straw and added horse poo to the mixture.
  • They used manuka to make the roof.

To make this new cottage they used a tractor to get the clay and they used chicken wire.

The cottage is named after Charles Suisted. Charles Suisted came from Sweden. He farmed the land where the cottage is in 1848. He lived in a big house near Palmerston (called Goodwood)

He was very tall. He had 13 children – 12 boys and 1 girl. One died (the girl).

Mr Suisted sent two shepherds on horseback to live in the area in 1848. They built the cottage and lived in it. They used the things around them to make the hut. They would have cooked on a fire outside. They got water from the spring by the hill.

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