Going over the Kakanui Bridge
By Daniel, Kayden and Arie

The Kakanui bridge has one lane for cars and a little lane for pedestrians. It was built in 1896.

The Kakanui Bridge goes over the Kakanui River. It goes from one half of Kakanui to the other.

This is the second bridge at this spot - the first one was built in 1872 and got washed away in a flood.

They want to make a new Kakanui Bridge. They want cars to go both ways at the same time. At the moment people have to wait while cars cross.

Jack Mcgregor brought the material for the bridge on horse and carts. It is made of wood.

Photo from North Otago Museum Archives

Photo from North Otago Museum Archives

Before they had the bridge the children had to be rowed over the river to get to school. There was a ford for coaches.

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