Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti

Historic Faces of Christchurch

Curriculum Links


Place and Environment: Level 5 - Aim - Students will understand people's interaction with places and environment. Objective - Students with demonstrate knowledge and understanding of why particular places and environments are significant for people. Culture and Heritage: Level 5 - Aim - Students will understand the contribution of culture and heritage to identity. Objective - Students will demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ways in which cultural and national identity develop and are maintained. Social Studies Process Objectives: Inquiry Indicators Level 5 - as detailed on the inside flap of the 1997 Curriculum document 'Social Studies in the New Zealand Curriculum'.


Interpersonal Speaking Level 5 - Students should/can/will: speak confidently and clearly in small and large groups to recount experiences and events, and communicate information, ideas, and opinions, respecting and responding to others.


Social and Co-operative Skills: working co-operatively to achieve common goals. Communication Skills: using information and communication technologies. Information Skills: identifying, locating, gathering and processing information using a range of sources.