Unlimited Paenga Tawhiti

Historic Faces of Christchurch

To peel back the layers of history from historic buildings in Christchurch

History is layered …. many changes occur during a buildings lifetime. They rarely remain as they were at the beginning. Often their origins are obscured by paint, advertising hoardings or new facades. As part of our holistic module on exploring identity we set out to uncover the built identity of our city. After an inital walkabout, exploring the inner city, we could see that it was a big project and that we needed to look at what we could manage to achieve within the five week block. Jocelyn asked us to either work in pairs or on our own, and then to choose a building or place within the city we would like to research …. to peel back the layers from. For each building, or place, we had hoped to interview a person who had either worked there in the past or worked there presently but we ran out of time. The first term has gone really quickly and now we are going on camp!