Milford Primary School

Operation Phoenix North Shore

Our homepage

We belong to Room 3 at Milford Primary School which is situated on the Shore of Lake Pupuke in North Shore City.

We hope you enjoy reading our project as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Here are some of the things we enjoyed learning while creating this website:

We all learnt that as a result of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, thousands of lives and homes were destroyed in Sri Lanka. We also learnt that, when a disaster happens, it's good if people lend a helping hand. Operation Phoenix North Shore collected enough money from our community to build six new houses for homeless villagers. We are proud of their efforts.

We also learnt what we can do to keep safe if a tsunami happens in our city. As New Zealand is an island and its coastal areas are also at risk from a tsunami. we’d like to share with you what we have learnt. We’d rather you were safe than sorry!

I really enjoyed learning about tsunamis so we know what to do when a tsunami happens. I learnt that tsunamis can have more than one wave. ( Arneth)

I learnt a lot from the Civil Defence video, it was fascinating (Dylan)

I learnt that, if a tsunami is coming, you should get to high ground as soon as possible ( Kian)

I learnt that tsunamis can be 30 metres high and sometimes higher. I enjoyed learning about Sri Lanka ( India)

I learnt that Sri Lankan people have really nice King coconuts. I know that there was a really bad tsunami which damaged houses and killed people too. (Marie)

I enjoyed writing cards to the after school class. I learnt how to write in Sri Lankan (Dora)