About Miramar

Miramar means “Behold the sea” or “Wonderful Sea”, it was first named by the first settler that arrived here.

The original Maori name of this area was Whataitai. According to legend, the harbour, Te Whanganui-a-Tara (Wellington Harbour) was created by the two Taniwha, Whataitai (or Hataitai) and Ngake.

Miramar is well known for its film industry. Film Director, Sir Peter Jackson and his colleagues, Sir Richard Taylor and Jamie Selkirk have built a series of multi-million dollar studios and buildings, sound stages and pre- and post-production facilities in Miramar. We are also known for the footage of the movie King Kong and for the film The Hobbit which has Sir Peter Jackson as Director.

Men holding bundles of hemp in a field at J J Bourke's premises in Miramar. Hemp, salvaged after a fire at the Harbour Board premises,is being dried on wire fences in this and the surrounding fields. Photograph taken by S C Smith in March 1909.

Employees of J J Bourke and flax fibres, at Miramar, Wellington, circa 30 March, 1909. Photograph taken by Sydney Charles Smith. Reference Number: 1/1-024889-G

By Tarita,Year 6