Catherine McAuley, founder of the Mercy Sisters

Catherine McAuley was the founder of the Mercy Sisters, one of the founding orders of our school.

Catherine McAuley was born in Dublin, Ireland, in September, 1778. Even though her father, James McGauley, died in 1783 when Catherine was just five years old, his compassion for the poor was a lifelong example for his eldest daughter

Catherine founded "the Congregation of the Sisters of Mercy." in 1831.

When she died in 1841 there were 150 Sisters of Mercy. Shortly after, small groups of sisters left Ireland at the invitation of Bishops in Newfoundland, New Zealand, the United States, Argentina and Australia. Two Sisters of Mercy, Sisters Norbert and Rosalie pioneered Holy Cross School. They started off in the hall next to the church but when there were eighty students they moved to the new school.

The work of the Sisters of Mercy continues today in many places around the world. There are no Sisters at our school but they live next door and they visit us from time to time. We know that they pray for us too. We are thankful that they are part of our school.

By Jeline & Clare, Year 5