Lights, camera, meditation

Meditation has taken us far in national interest and local. We’ve had the Good Morning show, the Dominion Post, teachers and principals from other schools visit us. We were so lucky to have Sister Ema from the Sisters of Compassion teach us about prayer through meditation.

Meditation for us is used as a form of prayer and has helped us alot through difficult situations. Maria has said that “Meditation helps you with stress and loss in your family. Changes maybe with your parents or where you live. When bad things have happened and there needs to be changes in your life, when you are stressed out or when something doesn't go your way meditation will help you feel safe!” Meditation can help you in life, it helps you to relax and speak to God and Jesus. If you are frustrated about something you can meditate and talk to God. It makes you feel happy inside

The Dominion Post came in and took a picture of Dallas and our class meditating. They also asked questions of students and used that in their article.

The Good Morning show first came in and filmed us meditating then they interviewed a few of us. In both of these amazing experiences children have expressed and talked to the world about meditation.

Meditation is an amazing tool in life it can help you through tough times and is another way to interact and listen and talk with God and Jesus. Meditation is a great experience for us and is has led us a long way.

By Tarita & George, Year 6