Brother Doug, Marist Brother

We interviewed Brother Doug about his life as a Marist Brother because the Marist Brothers were also one of the founding orders of our school. Brother Doug was a teacher and has taught in secondary schools. Even though Brother Doug never taught at our school, he knew a lot of information about its history.

When Holy Cross was split in to two schools the Marist brothers withdrew from Marist Miramar. The uniforms that the boys wore were navy blue shorts, shirts and socks. The jerseys they wore were the same as ours but navy blue. Students were allowed to go out of school to buy their own lunch at the shops.

Each Thursday, Brother Doug attends 7am Mass. When he is at home he meditates for half an hour.

The Marist brothers are an Order of teaching brothers. The Marist brothers are not allowed to get married. They have three vows they believe in are chastity, poverty, and obedience.

Marist Brothers' School building, corner of Para Street and Miramar Avenue, Miramar, Wellington, which was opened in 1937. Photographer unidentified.

By Dallas & Eti, Year 6