Feast of the Holy Cross

History of the Feast of the Assumption of Holy Cross

The feast of the Assumption of the Cross is about the great celebration of the three historical events.

- The finding of the true Cross (Saint Helena)

- The mother of the emperor (Constantine)

- And the building built by Constantine on the site of Holy Sepulchre, and Mount Calvary.

In the past people said that the cross that Jesus died on was hidden by the Jewish authorities and got covered up by dirt and other buildings.

The Feast of the Assumption of the Holy Cross is a special time at our school and we have a liturgy to celebrate it. We also sing the song, this Holy Cross written by Andrew Chin. It is about Jesus' love, life and sacrifice. It is also a special time for us because of the name of our school. We see the cross as a sign of hope.

By Aaliyah, Year 6