Learning outcomes

Learning Intentions - WALT work together to get information about Holy Cross School’s history, Holy Cross Parish Miramar and the Miramar community.

We wanted to find out how meditation fits into the special character of our school. When asking questions, we asked open ended questions.

Our Big Questions - What is our relationship between Holy Cross Parish and the Miramar community? How does meditation fit in?

Questions - We asked open-ended questions. The questions had to be relevant to our inquiry. Our questions had to be able to help us get answers. We wrote our own individual questions on post-it notes so that we got to ask alot of different questions. We put our questions into 3 groups – Holy Cross School, Holy Cross Parish and Miramar.

Resources for our inquiry - Interviewed people who knew about Holy Cross School, Holy Cross Parish or Miramar. We also used books, the internet, our own knowledge and talked to our family.

Recording our findings - Wrote notes from interviews. Typed information on the computer. Took photographs. Digital recordings. Power points.

We were successful in our inquiry because we got a lot of information from our research and questions. We spoke to people who could share great information with us.

Unexpected - It took a long time to put the Inquiry together. We heard a lot of interesting stories from people.

Success - We found out that our school is here because of the hard work that people did in the past. Our Catholic character allows us to use prayer through meditation which helps us to be close to God, calm, quiet and peaceful.

Aaliyah, Year 6