Arts and crafts

Making crafts is an important part of Lincoln Primary School’s Pet Day. It has been a long standing tradition that many generations have been part of.

This year my class made masks that were animal masks, they were all different from each other. Some were even made out rice! And another rocks! Small rocks of course. They all had sticks of newspaper attached onto one side, so we could hold onto them, while looking through the eyeholes.

The home activities were activities to do at home. The activities for our syndicate were, Decorated Photo frames, Photography, Novelty Vases, Up-cycled Art, and Decorated Cakes. Home activities in other syndicates were, LEGO sculptures, Scarecrows, Clown Masks, and Animal Art. Us kids like this stuff because we got to choose an activity we wanted to do.

All of us enjoyed making this art. The shadow art was art that had a shadow on it. The things making the shadows were animals (Bald eagle again for me). The animals were put on the art with small pieces of paper so they were higher up than the animals. It looked quite cool when we put them on the backgrounds.

The judges always like to see our art and writing, so we decided to put them together. And boy, the stories were good! We had to make a story with just six words. We had some stories on life, some on friends, and a lot more. I was proud of mine because it got third place. Its message was "Nothing is impossible when you try".

On pets day we made sand trays. We used containers and organic materials to make them. That includes food. Which is what a lot of us used as materials, alongside plants. Mine was a "Winter Wonderland" as I called it. Some sand trays were beaches, others forests, and some possibly fields. My sand tray got 3rd place!

It seems that the craft making has not changed much over time. The biggest change we are doing is less organic crafts like sand saucers and creating creatures out of vegetables and fruit. We now also create a craft at home and in the past they were all created at school.

By Joe