Research process

We experienced our school’s Pet Day and this got us wondering why we have a Pet Day.

Ask Questions
What happens at our Pet Day?
What was our Pet Day like in the past?
Why are there Pet Days?
Finding Out
We used the photos we took on the day and our personal experiences to think about and explain what happens now at our school’s Pet Day.
We interviewed family members and past teachers about what Pet Day was like.
We read read books and found old pictures of Pet Day.
Some of us visited the Canterbury A and P Show.

Once we have completed our research we planned what we need to create for the website. We needed to ensure we have enough information and images.

Finally we created our pages for the website.

Lincoln Primary School’s Learner Powers

  • We put our Lincoln Learner Powers into action to create the website by…
  • Developing a plan, asking questions and listening to others (Thinking)
  • Being part of a team and collaborating (Action)
  • Working together and trying new things (People)
  • Making positive choices and believing in ourselves (Self)