Pet Day part 3

The Big Decision

Mollie lay in bed that night, thinking about all the history behind her school's customs.
She sat up, a determined look on her face, and watched Red's chest rise and fall in time with his breathing. "Right," she said, "I'm gonna need my computer."

Mollie stayed awake nearly all night typing her secret project up on her laptop. When the morning sun finally started filtering through her gossamer curtains, she was just typing the last piece of her document: WRITTEN BY MOLLIE HAMPTON.

Mollie grinned triumphantly, saved and closed her document and fell asleep on the spot. She had only closed her eyes for a few moments when her Grandpa called "Mollie! Ya gonna be late for ya old Pets Day if ya keep sleeping! I just saw da school bus go by, lass!"
Late. . . Again