Pet Day part 2

April 12, 1954 -- Grandpa's Story

"A great many years ago, when I was still in school, (said Grandpa) there was to be a Pet Day.
Back when I was nine years old, we were only allowed to bring farm animals like cows and horses and sheep. I brought along good old Twiggy (Grandpa smiled lovingly at the thought of his deceased pet cow), and we stood at the fence waiting for the old judge to come along and look at us.

At this particular Pet Day, we were allowed to let our farm creatures walk around the fields by themselves, as long as they did not go close to our school building. But when the judge came to us, we had to chase our animals down and tie them to a fencepost. I remember seeing Hayley Harris trying to get her chickens back in their cage. It was hilarious.

We had to leave our pets tied up while we went home for tea. I vaguely recall having bangers and mash, an old favourite of mine, (Grandpa licked his lips eagerly). When I walked back to school, I met up with my best friends back then, Niko and Jordan and Eliza. We usually walked to school together, no matter what the event.

When we got to the school gates, we had to part. Eliza and Niko went off to tend to their two lambs, and Jordan and I both ran to the calf section, as Jordan had brung his baby cow, Gail, and of course, I had dear old Twiggy. The judge, Agnes Dee, took one look at Jordan and Gail and pinned a shiny green ribbon on Jordan's shabby dungarees. He came 3rd place in the Cow Section. 2nd place for the Cows was Maxine Howard, with her ancient old cow, Mildew. I was super nervous when old Agnes came hobbling towards me and Twiggy. Agnes looked at us for a long time, before smiling and pinning a blue ribbon to my stripy shirt. Me and Twiggy had come first place."

Mollie stared as Grandpa pulled a faded, grubby ribbon from his waistcoat. The scruffy, gold print read "Livestock, Cows: First Place”. Mollie smiled at Grandpa, all her pearly teeth gleaming at him.