Showing my Pet Chickens

I woke up in the morning knowing that it was Pet Day, my big day. It was exciting knowing I was allowed to bring my chicken to school. I grabbed Paris's cage and ran out to the chicken coop. Stepping in, gently I picked up Paris, put her in her cage and shut the door. Running back to the house holding Paris’s cage in my hand to gather from Mum the food and water she had already prepared. I helped Mia get ready and then we put the chickens in the car and drove off to school.

Ding dong, the bell for the end of morning tea rang. I raced over to Paris knowing it was her turn to be judged. Sitting there waiting for my judging turn felt like ages and I couldn’t settle the butterflies in my tummy. Finally, it was my turn and the judges started to judge the chickens. They asked me lots of questions about Paris and I managed to answer most of them the best that I could.

That afternoon I needed to get Paris ready for the Pet Parade. With the help of my friend Charlotte we carried Paris's cage over to the ring. After a bit of watching we got to parade Paris around the ring.

Pet Day was super fun and even though I didn't win a prize I'm still glad I got to bring Paris to Pet Day.

By Holly