History of Pet Day

Interview with Mr Hall
After Pet Day comes the A&P show. Did you know what A&P show stands for ? Well it stands for Agricultural and Pastoral. The shows actually took place over 150 years ago which also means pet days has been around along time to and has changed over the years....

How it has changed?
Well Pet Day hasn't changed that much... but they did only have farm animals but you will know at the end so basically there's not many animals farm animals in Pet Day now days but there used to be only farm animals (e.g. horses, calves, sheep and even pigs). Exhibits haven't really changed but there used to be more things like food animal and egg person models.

We interviewed an old teacher of our school called Mr Hall and he told us about him as a boy and him as a teacher. When Mr Hall was a boy he said he liked the calves and cows. He liked to do the sand sauces. When he was a boy they had to do three exhibits in the morning! A lot of work, Mr Hall said as a teacher on Pet Day it was pretty chaotic because someone wouldn't have enough of this and someone did this and just lots of things. He also said it didn't really change much when he was a boy.

Now lastly this is why we have Pet Day like they are now also this will explain the farm animal things. So it basically went farms, lifestyle house (small sections). What I mean by this is there were lots of farms years ago so there used to be more farm animals then.

The years went by and people started moving and the population grew which means people needed homes. These were called life style blocks they had a bit of land but not a farm. Then there's houses just like the ones today, what I mean by this is the sections have gotten smaller so people have no room to have farm animals. So people have more small animals as pets which come to school on Pet Day.

By Libby