Our parents remember

What Pet Day was like In 1982

What Pet Day was like when my mum went to school. ln 1982 at Lincoln Primary School Pet Day was very similar to today.There were sand saucers, miniature gardens, vegetable animals and egg decorating. The animals they had there are the same animals we have today except they had horses and they rode them around school. My mum won first place in the landscape tray. Her certificate was signed by Miss T and she is teaching me this year. By Gus

Pet Day when Mum went to Lincoln Primary School

There was a lot more animals back when my mum went to school. They had lots of horses and cows (at least 10-15 cows, horses and ponies). There were also lambs, a few goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, fish, birds, cats and dogs. The dogs were put in the bike sheds. The cats, guinea pigs, fish, poultry and birds were put outside rooms 1 to 6 on the veranda. The people with calves and lambs had to also display their project books. There was a big parade with all the animals including the dogs.

They had to prepare everything on the day at school they usually did:

  • seed pictures
  • fruit and veggie animals
  • floral arrangement in an unusual container.
  • landscape trays
  • decorated eggs
  • sand saucers

Nearly everyone's Mums, Dads and Grandparents came to lunch exhibits and parade. By Isaak

My Dad’s Lamb Socks

In the olden days at Lincoln Primary School they had a Pet Day. My dad bought a pet lamb called Socks. They had a great day together playing with the other lambs until there was judging. My dad was excited. For judging he had to answer hard questions about lambs or sheep. He had to answer them and get them right. After that it was lunch and then The Grand Parade. The Parade was in the middle of the field. There was no big kid playground it was all just grass.
For the Parade they had a ring around the grass, so the animals didn't escape. They even had the competitions where you get the lambs drinking a bottle quickly and dressing up the lambs. My dad chose the drinking competition, he came first and got a ribbon that says 1st place and a certificate. My dad was happy, he came first and he had a fun day. By Macy

Mum’s Pet Day

When my Mum used to go to Pet Day at Lincoln Primary School back during the mid to late 70’s they were allowed to take their ponies. There were a large number of lambs and calves too. Dogs were also allowed in the school grounds. They did sand saucers, flower arrangements, vegetable animals and pictures made of seeds. Often it was grandparents judging and they left their arrangements in the same place for judging and viewing. You would win a certificate if you got 1st, 2nd or 3rd. Many of my Mum’s seed pictures won prizes. By Sam

My Dad and Grandad show their Rams and Sheep at A and P Shows

Farming has been in our family for years. My Poppa has been entering and judging in shows for 40 years. My Dad is carrying on the family tradition. My Dad entered a Ram in the Ellesmere Show and it won which led to Dad earning money in the Ram Fair. It was a huge success! I have been with with Dad to lots of shows which was the inspiration to take my lamb Masie to Pet Day at Lincoln Primary School. By Rosa