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History of our Forest

Mrs George's interview

The people who helped in our Forest

Forest Poems

Worm Farm Cartoons

Worm Farms

Birds in our Forest

Mr McGowan's Interview

Mrs Hunter's interview

Mrs. Anne Tyas

Mrs Wilcox's interview


Trees in our Forest

Zero Waste at Campbell's Bay

Sarah Sheeran

Dr Richard Hursthouse

Our Forest now

Our Trip to KERP


Our Team

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Campbell's Bay Primary School

Campbell's Bay Community Forest


A huge thank you to all the people who have helped us with this project.

Thank you to our teachers - Miss Fagg, Mrs Meder, Mrs Vial and Mr Millward who gave us time out of class to do our work.

Thank you to our Principal, Mr McGowan, who let us do this project.

Thank you to all the people that we interviewed - Mrs George, Ms George-Allen, Mrs Wilcox, Mrs Tyas,  Mr McGowan, Mrs Hunter, Dr Hursthouse, Mrs Goddard and Mrs Sheeran.

Thank you to the parents who came and helped on our trip -  Mr Revell, Mrs Wilcox, Mrs Tyas and Mrs Miller.

Thank you to our school librarian, Mrs Purchase, who helped us to do the research and to put all the information on the website.


Thank you to Lucy from Living Heritage who co-ordinated all the tricky, technical bits of making a website.


Thank you to the sponsors of Living Heritage for making this website possible for New Zealand school children to publish our history, to be enjoyed by all.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all the volunteers who have helped over the years to make our forest such a special place.

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