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Campbell's Bay Primary School

Campbell's Bay Community Forest

History of our Forest

A long time ago, our whole school site was a forest.  The school was established in 1925 and the fathers cleared the land for the school to be built.

The area at the bottom of the gully was never cleared, so some large species survived, but over the years, the weeds grew and the forest used to be used as a rubbish dump.  Not a proper one, but lots of people threw their old tyres and things there.  There were lots of weeds.  After the war, the returned soldiers planted some pohutukawa in Centennial Park. Mr Ron Wilcox, who's father was the Headmaster of Campbell's Bay School in the 1930's, had helped plant many of the trees around the school.  Mr Bernard Stanley and others also helped to plant many totara and rimu around 25 years ago.  In 1991/92 some periodic detention workers came and cleared a lot of the ginger.

Then the Board of Trustees decided in 1994 that the forest should be cleaned up properly and lots of native trees were planted.

Fiona George: Fiona designed the layout and planting schemes for the forest and spent many many hours working hard and training the parents and children.

Fiona helped us know what to do.

Before boardwalk:

This is before the board walk was constructed, around the early 1990's.

 Boardwalk: Construction starts Construction: Construction of the board walk begins

This is when the boardwalk was being constructed.

Pegs: The numbers on the pegs tell us the year the tree was planted and if we look on our records we will know who planted the tree.  This is planted in 1997 - you can tell because it starts with a 7. 

There are lots of pegs showing all the trees that have been donated.

Pines: There were lots of pines at the top of the bank 

The pines at the top of the bank were cut down in 1996.

Mr McLennan: Mr Ian McLennan and Kate Hursthouse plant a pohutakawa from Project Crimson in 1996 

Mr McLennan 1996 planting.

Viewing: We built a viewing platform that a whole class could fit on 

 More wood

Here was where there was going to be a viewing platform that could fit a class, to have a lesson about the forest.

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