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We learnt some new words

  • eco-source  - this means to takes seeds from plants already growing in your garden.  They have a good chance of growing because they have already proven they can grow in that type of garden.


  • scarify -  this means to help the seeds to grow. Some you soak in warm water and some you can rub with sandpaper or take a little nick out of them with a sharp knife before planting.  Birds help seeds to grow, because when they eat them, their stomach acids start to break down the hard shells and then they surround the seed with compost and drop them in the forest ready to grow.


  • zero waste -  this means that you deal with all your own rubbish and don't send anything to the landfill.  Campbell's Bay School is trying to achieve this within the next five years.  We already recycle plastic, glass, aluminium, clothing, printer cartridges, paper, and toner cartridges.  We use our food scraps in our worm bin, even the coffee grindings from the staff room.  We try and use both sides of a piece of paper before we throw it out.  Every year we try and add something new to help us achieve zero waste.  Next year we are going to start an Environment Club for the kids to join to help think of new ideas and to help train the kids and teachers to be greenies.   Landfills are very bad because the bad rubbish in them never breaks down – it will still be there in 500 years.


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