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An interview with Mrs Hunter

Mrs Hunter has been a teacher at our school for about 12 years.  She loves gardening and forests and has helped a lot in the development of our Community Forest.


What job do you do for the Community Forest?

I do teacher liaison work between a committee of parents and school staff.

What responsibilities do you have that relate to the Community Forest?

I encourage teachers to use the forest for programmes in science, art, language, technology and social studies. It is my job to make sure that the children are involved with the forest. Each classroom checks on the trees in their own working area. 200 trees were donated by KERP (Kaipatiki Environmental Restoration Project) and planted by students during  the 2003 school year. KERP  is an organisation that donates trees to schools to help restore parts of the North Shore to its former bush state.

How long have you had this responsibility?

Two years.

How has the Community Forest changed through the years?

The children do more of the work in the forest now. In the early days the parents did all the work in the working bees which were held regularly. 

What do you think is best about the Community Forest?

I think it is wonderful. The native forest is great for the children. They can grow up learning to appreciate the forests around them more, and they can learn to help the enviornment.

How do you think the students benefit from having their own forest?

They learn about the environment. They see the benefits of keeping the forest clean. As the forest is being restored, we (the school community) can practise environmental skills and ensure that in the future, as adults, we can appreciate and contribute more.

What is planned next year for the forest?

Next year we hope to get a glasshouse so that we may grow seeds and other plants in the garden. We also look forward to planting flax and other trees too.  If we can grow enough seeds, we can donate some to other forests like Centennial Park or to the Council to plant in parks.  Students need to practise what they learn about, and those interested could join a club dedicated to improving our school environment.

We also hope to start an organic garden so the children can learn to grow their own vegetables etc.  We need to have future citizens who are aware of, and can contribute to, a healthy environment.

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