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Zero Waste at Campbell's Bay

We try hard to produce only a small amount of rubbish.  Each year the North Shore Council come to our school and do a waste audit.  They tip all our rubbish out and sort it and weigh it.  We look and see what we can do better with next year.

Mr Davies Class: Mr Davies and his class learn about recycling and how instead of rubbish we can feed the worms and help the forest, at our waste audit.

Mr Davies and his class look and smell the rubbish in 2003

Part of our plan to reduce our rubbish is to have all our food scraps eaten by the worms and converted into lovely WORM TEA for our forest.  We have a big worm bin and the senior pupils have turns being worm monitors and collecting the lunch scraps.

We recycle paper, aluminium cans like lemonade cans, old clothes, printer cartridges and food.

Next year we hope to start an environmental club and see if the kids have some good ideas to help our school go green, and to help the North Shore.

We also hope to have a greenhouse to grow seeds for our forest and an organic garden to grow food.  Peas are really nice in pods straight from the garden.

Mrs Meder and Mrs Duncan helped start the worm bin. 

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