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History of our Forest

Mrs George's interview

The people who helped in our Forest

Forest Poems

Worm Farm Cartoons

Worm Farms

Birds in our Forest

Mr McGowan's Interview

Mrs Hunter's interview

Mrs. Anne Tyas

Mrs Wilcox's interview


Trees in our Forest

Zero Waste at Campbell's Bay

Sarah Sheeran

Dr Richard Hursthouse

Our Forest now

Our Trip to KERP


Our Team

Curriculum Links



Campbell's Bay Primary School

Campbell's Bay Community Forest

Curriculum Links

Social Studies - Time, Continuity and Change

To understand how past events have changed aspects of the lives of our community.

Culture and Heritage Strand to understand the contribution and heritage of our locality.

Social Decision Making - our students will learn to make decisions to solve problems.  Students will learn how decisions made in the past have influenced their lives now.

Students will learn how to research, interview and record information in a form suitable for other students to learn from.

Students will learn ICT skills in developing the webpage including the use of a digital camera, scanner and computer.

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