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Campbell's Bay Primary School

Campbell's Bay Community Forest

Our forest now

Walkway: The path to Peter Terrace

This is the edge of our forest as you walk down to Peter Terrace.

Our forest is 1.5 hectares in the south-east corner of the school.  You go right to the back of the school and down the hill.  You can't see it from the road very well, but you can see it from some of the classrooms, when you look out towards Rangitoto Island over the water.  If you don't know how big 1.5 hectares is, it's really big, much bigger than a football field.

Forest site: 1.5 hectares of our school site is where we have planted all the new trees.

Aerial: An aerial view of our school and forest.  Aberdeen Rd is at the top. 

This is a picture taken from a plane.  It was taken a few years ago, but shows where our forest is.  We have more buildings now.

Ponga:   Ponga:   Ponga:  

We have lots of tracks in our forest now.  They are called :


  • Kereru Track
  • Kowhai Grove
  • Rimu Track
  • Tui Trail
  • Pukeko Loop
  • Piwakawaka Track

Bridge: This is the old bridge in the wetland part of the forest Piwakawaka: The start of the piwakawaka track. Pegs: The numbers on the pegs tell us the year the tree was planted and if we look on our records we will know who planted the tree.  This is planted in 1997 - you can tell because it starts with a 7.

Can you guess how many planks there are on our board walk?  Nastassia counted them.  There are

1,734 planks.


We challenge everyone walking in our forest to count the planks and see if she is right. Our forest is home to many birds and trees and it is a lovely place to walk in. The forest is a green, moist, little tiny forest and it is great for our school.


View: View across forest to Rangitoto Island.


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