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Campbell's Bay Primary School

Campbell's Bay Community Forest

The People Who Helped in our Forest

Fiona George

Fiona George: Fiona designed the layout and planting schemes for the forest and spent many many hours working hard and training the parents and children.

An environmentalist and parent of one of our pupils.  Mrs George did the very first plans - an 80 page report that started everything.

Richard Hursthouse 

Richard Hursthouse:


Dr Hursthouse helped Mrs George and took over leadership of the forest when she left.

John McGowan

Mr McGowan: Mr McGowan is our Principal.  He is the best Principal in the whole world. 

Our Principal who started the forest planting idea.

Jenny Hunter

Mrs Hunter:

Mrs Hunter helps organise all the classes to work in the forest - she is a very hard worker for our trees.

Anne Tyas

Anne Tyas: Anne Tyas has spent 100's of hours working in the forest.

Mrs Anne Tyas who is our current co-odinator with Mrs Wilcox.

The Children of Campbell's Bay School

Parents: Parents and pupils getting ready to do some work 

Many parents came to help the pupils plant trees and many donated trees

Class: All classes take turns working in the forest

All classes help plant and weed the forest every year

The Parents of Campbell's Bay School

Thanks to David Haysom, James and Philippa Newlove, the PTA, Brian Van der Vorst, Jo Robinson, Rosemary Wilcox, Anne and Chris Tyas, and a huge list of parents - way too long to type. Our apologies if we have missed your name.

The Staff of Campbell's Bay School

Especially Ms Anne Bowmar, Mrs Jenny Hunter and Mr McGowan

Friends of Campbell's Bay School, including many people who gave donations and time to our project.  We thank Mr Ian Reid, David Bruce, John Somerville, Professor John and Mrs Morton, Projex Hire, W. Stevensons & Sons, Placemakers, Woolworths, Air New Zealand, Tree Care Services, Project Crimson, New Zealand Lotteries Commission, Mr Ken Pemberton, Mr Joseph Pridham,  Mr Devon McClean, Mr Murray Bell, neighbours of the school Martin Geary, Graeme Dickson, Mrs Harman and the late Mr Harman, Ross Finlayson, Liner Plants NZ Ltd, Lyndale Nurseries, Heather Drucker, Maddren Timber, Climate Control Ltd, the North Shore Council and the hundreds of other people who have helped over the years.

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