Fitzroy School

Holy Trinity Church


Thanks to Mrs Theobald, teacher from the New Zealand Historic Places Trust, for taking us on visits to the Holy Trinity Church and for playing a major role in helping the research team set up their website.

Thanks to Mrs Bromley for letting John and Hayden interview her and sharing her knowledge with us. You can access some sound clips in '80 years at Holy Trinity Church'.

Thanks to Joy Hamilton for giving up some of her busy time to answer Sarah's and Karina's questions.

Thanks to Kelvin Day for lending a book all about Holy Trinity Church called 'Holy Trinity, New Plymouth - 1845 - 1970' by Ada C. Alexander.

Thanks to Ms Parker, our teacher, and Miss Tulloch, our principal, for giving us the time to make our website.

Last of all how could we forget the Living Heritage team for letting us put up our website on part of theirs. Thank you all.

Written by John and the research team