Fitzroy School

Holy Trinity Church

Curriculum Links

Holy Trinity Chuch is only two blocks from Fitzroy School, yet the students were hardly aware of it. A small special interest group was formed to research the church. They worked mainly in pairs, determining interest areas and devising key questions and sourcing potential resources. They made several visits to the church to gain information and photographs, and to interview and ask questions of the vicar and parishoners. They read books and sent emails. At last they presented their information on this website, a very rewarding, enjoyable and educational experience.

Essential learning areas/strands

Social Studies: Place and environment, - level 3

Culture and heritage, level 3

Time continuity and change, level 3

Technology: Technology and society

Essential skills

Research and enquiry - collecting information through investigation

Social and cooperative - working cooperatively with others on a group project

Communication - making our findings and recommendations known to others.

Information - gather and process information from a range of sources.

Self management and co-operative - manage time effectively, develop the skills of self-appraisal and self-advocacy.

Work and study - work effectively, both independently and in groups, take increasing responsibility for their own learning and work.